Why does our coffee taste so rich and fresh brewed and not like a typical instant coffee?

Well, we proudly roast our coffee to just before the second crack where flavor hits big and finishes smooth. Next, we grind our beans to prep for the steeping process. Much like a French Press, we load our extraction process with coffee beans and induce water that is held at exactly 190 degrees. We then press the liquid from the beans and end up with a coffee syrup that only has the Heart of the bean, that incredible 14% where all the flavors and aromas thrive. We then use our proprietary safe dry process which gives you an amazing fresh tasting gourmet experience. What makes us even more unique is we add 6 tasteless mushroom extracts known by Doctors and Scientists for their amazing health benefits.

About our Mushroom Extracts:

Herbal experts know that to have a great herbal product that works, you must start with the highest quality organic herbs and then combine these herbs properly to ensure the body is able to use all of the nutrients at the cellular level. Just like the body is made up of systems and each of these systems need to work together for the body to function properly, herbs have different properties and if combined correctly they will create a powerful synergy result.

Dr. Bartell has formulated the cülbeans coffee using 100% Arabica beans and six of the world’s most powerful nutrient rich organic medicinal mushrooms which are:

Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi)
Cordyceps sinensis
Trametes (Turkey Tail)
Agaricus blazei (Royal Sun)

"These 6 organic mushrooms are known for increasing energy, supporting the immune system, reducing pain and inflammation in the body, helping the nervous system restore balance, supplying hundreds of antioxidants that can reduce the aging process, increasing a person’s core strength and endurance supporting every system in the human bodysays Dr. Bartell.

He adds, "Many of these mushrooms are known for helping to "offset” the negative effects of coffee on the body as the acidity and stress to the adrenal glands and nervous system make regular coffee more of a negative to drink than the antioxidant benefits that coffee contains.

Each of these 6 organic herbs is powerful individually and Dr. Bartell has created a proprietary cülbeans "healthy” formulation that contain a synergistic ratio of these organic mushroom nutrients that are made available to help the cells of your body create energy and restore balance. No other "healthy” coffee product even comes close to the cülbeans level of quality that you can taste and feel.

Take your health to the next level by trying our ORGANIC 7 MUSHROOM CAPSULES where we add Chaga to the mix!

Experience the best… experience cülbeans.

*Our products are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.